Saturday, 26 December 2009

isbsgriplog 0.0.1-2 prerelease

More info at

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Push Notifications support on Lockinfo = awesomeness

Available here: cydia://package/com.ashman.lockinfopush

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Sunday, 20 December 2009

Presenting isbsgriplog

Trinitus is taking his sbsettings GriP log access toggle to another level. Check the image above.

More details at

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Thursday, 17 December 2009

NOVA fps available on iPhone Appstore

Gameloft's much awaited fps game is finally available on European AppStore. Online multiplayer includes voice chat and capture the flag team mode. Graphically it seems the most impressive game ever seen on the platform.

Direct link

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Saturday, 12 December 2009

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Opera Mobile 10 coming to Android

And it looks awesome!

Video recording on iPhone 2G and 3G now possible without jailbreak

That´s right. If you have an older model iPhone, you now can record video clips without needing to go into the jailbreak path. You just need to install the Ustream Live Broadcaster app, and use the save local option.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Hulu on iPhone?

Hell yeah!

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SnapTap - dedicated camera shutter button for iPhone

One of the big handicaps of the iPhone is the lack of a proper dedicated shutter button for the camera app. Having to press the screen to take photos is far from convenient.

Well, if you have your iPhone jailbroken, now there's also an app for that: SnapTap transforms the volume buttons into shutter buttons once inside the camera app! Very cool and totally worth the price. Get it on Cydia Store.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Ping! 1.2 released

My favourite iPhone-to-iPhone SMS replacement just got an update. See the changes above - I specially like the fact now it's possible to send photos, just like MMS. Still misses multiple recipients support though.

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Monday, 16 November 2009

Surprise: CoD: World At War: Zombies out for iPhone!

Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies appeared out of nowhere on the iphone appstore. It has online multiplayer for up to 4 players, with DLC promised for the upcoming months.

Get it here.

Note: people that already played it say the dual stick control option is by far the best one.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Control the iPhone with a wiimote? Hell yeah!

Once upon a time, i managed to use a Nintendo wiimote to control games on my beloved Sony Ericsson P1 smartphone (Symbian UIQ3). But that´s a device that has full bluetooth access, unlike the iPhone, still very limited, even after OS 3.0.

What you see above is the first demo of a project that allows bluetooth controllers, like the wiimote, to control the iPhone. Jailbreak only right now. Mind you, this also opens the way for bluetooth keyboards support.

Via tuaw.

Use mQuickdo to acess GriP message log!

What would be better than using SBSettings to access GriP´s message log? Yep, to use one of the available mQuickdo gestures, android notification pane style.

That is precisely what Trinitus now acomplished. Granted, right now it needs some manual work, but Trinitus promised an easier installation method, soon.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Speed Forge Extreme: iPhone´s first real Wipeout killer

Still doubt the iPhone 3GS/iPod Touch 3G can rival anything seen on the PSP? Then look at this video from upcoming Open GL ES 2.0 based game, Speed Forge Extreme

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Great update to GriP SBSettings toggle

Trinitus just published an update (deb file) to the GriP message log access toggle. It now has a special icon, and when you long press it you can delete log history! Check it here.

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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Sony Ericsson is back

ARebirth indeed. Let´s just hope they don´t bring back bad old memories and blow this up by launching this late and without fine tunning the software.

Has many of you know, before getting into the iPhone scene, i was a huge SE fanboy, untill they destroyed UIQ and showed a complete lack of respect for their smartphone users by not providing justified support in terms of firmware updates. My great hope regarding the new SE Android phones, is that: 1 - the new management learn the lesson 2 - even if they act retarded, users can just root the phone and flash a Droid ROM, or any of the others.

iPhoneFolders - File System Explorer

Imagine being able to explore the entire iPhone file system using plain simple windows, and your normal usb cable. No need for WinSCP, iFunbox, etc. This is what iPhoneFolders does.

Monday, 2 November 2009

GriP SBSettings toggle - new version

People are having some problems accessing the source i mentioned in my last post, to get GriP message log SBSettings toggle.

Here´s a deb file that you can install by executing "dpkg -i filename.deb" on terminal. This is a new improved version created by Trinitus - it does not need the video toggle hack.

Edit: this will available via ispazio repo soon! (tks fabiano)

Easy install for GriP log SBSettings toggle

Want to access the awesome GriP SBSettings toggle, but think doing it manually is too hard?

Well, curtisth is hosting it in his repo, that can be accessed by adding to Cydia.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

iNotifyEx - how it will work

KennyTM is now constantly updating the iNotifyEx design notes page. See above the scheme he made about how it will work.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

iNotifyEx - GriP replacement coming! Notification system for iPhone!

Just two days after i lamented the lack of development on GriP (Growl for iPhone), KennyTM made a quick edit to his project page, that refers to iNotifyEx, the new project that will replace GriP and make our dreams of a proper global notification system for iphone to come true.

Here are some details:

As a redesign, iNotifyEx shall have characteristics of following APIs:
* Growl-like notifications
* Android-like notifications
* Some GriP-specific addition
* Some iNotifyEx-specific addition

More information here. Notice the reference to android notifications (yay!).

Monday, 26 October 2009

One step closer to a proper notification system for iPhone OS

With the advent of push notification apps, it become pretty obvious that the iPhone OS notification system SUCKS. Comparing it with the way Android and WebOS elegantly handle notifications, make the iPhone look poor. I mean, obtrusive popups in the middle of the screen? Sounds? Badges?

That´s why GriP (Growl for iPhone) is easily one of my three must have jailbreak apps (the others being SBSettings and Backgrounder/Kirikae). Even on it´s current beta state, its so much better than the normal system.

It gives users much more control over the way information from SMS, email and push notifications is displayed, in a non-obtrusive way. When receiving push notifications, you are able to see all of the messages sent to you, and not just the last one.

The more recent Double Height Statusbar theme, seen above (made by the author of the SMS GriP extension, GauraVK92) , added another type of notification alert, that is similar to what can be seen on the latest versions of the iPhone Facebook app.

However, GriP also introduced a resource that if implemented correctly would bring it closer to the awesome Android notification pane, the Message Log. Problem is, this log is normally buried in, something that made its usage a nightmare.

Well, despite the 2 month hiatus seen on project development (c´mon KennyTM, speak to the fans!), the community came to the rescue, namely tom.blum85, that figured a way to creat a SBSettings toggle to quickly access GriP´s message log!
I can tell you, after some days of usage, this is AWESOME. At any given moment, i can now have a clear image of all the SMS, Emails and various Push Notifications apps outputs received in a period. All without missing a single message, without having to flick through pages of apps to find badges, and without having to open every single app to find out what´s new.

Like i said, it´s unfortunate that a project with such huge potential has been apparently suspended by it´s developer. Surely people would give the necessary support, finantial or otherwise, if he asked for it. Also, the delay in releasing GriP officially on Cydia is a shame, because so many people are unaware of such a great jailbreak application. So i ask you, please RT and share this information. Spread the word :)

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Soon on the Appstore: Star Wars fanboy wetdream come true

Looks like we will finally have a proper Start Wars game on the iPhone.

The Hoff conquers the iPhone Appstore

Oh happy days! Living legend and Demi-God The Hoff has decided to grace iPhone and iPod touch users with his own oracle app.

Get The HasselApp, and say goodbye to all your doubts and fears.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Warfare Inc - now with online multiplayer!

The first great RTS game for the iphone platform has finally received the promised online multiplayer update! And that´s not all, it allows chat during, and before games.

Get it here.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Concept: Coverflow multitasking for iPhone

Face it. Sooner or later, Apple will add multitasking for third party apps to the iPhone, even if in a very controlled way. The 3GS has more than enough RAM for it, so i think come iPhone OS 4.0 we will finally see something.

Problem is, how will Apple implement it? Well, look at at concept showed above. It´s pretty much what i want.

Granted, like it´s said on youtube comments, there´s already an app called Kirikae for jb iphones, that allows multitasking/task switching (together with backgrounder), although without this awesome interface. So, can the jb devs implement this (yet again) before Apple?

Adobe Photoshop for iPhone

You know, sometimes it can be very tricky to get photos with good exposure with iPhone, be it the 3G or the 3GS, specially in extreme light conditions.

Wouldn´t it be nice to have photoshop in the palm of your hand for quick fixing those not so perfect images? Well, that is now a reallity, because Adobe just released a dedicated iphone app.

Problem is, it is an US exclusive. Nevertheless, you can easily create an US itunes account for these situations.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Letmeknow update available

Letmeknow, one of the best push notification apps available for the iphone, has been updated to version 2.1. Lot´s of new features, as you can see from the changelog above.

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

iPhoneVM - Virtual RAM is now a reality for the iPhone!

If you have an iphone 3GS, RAM is not an issue. However, the older models struggle sometimes, because lack of free RAM for 3rd party apps like games.

Well, there is a new tool on Cydia, via source, that is said to have great results in increasing free RAM, iPhoneVM. Check the video above.

What this seem to do is making the iphone work like the new Nokia N900: it can use virtual RAM besides the normal physical RAM. Mind you, the N900 runs a variety of Linux (MAEMO), but in terms of hardware its a twin of the 3GS: same processor, graphical chip and RAM.

Ping! - SMS killer for iPhone

From time to time, there´s an iPhone app that ties simplicity with innovation. HeyWay was a great example, and now i found another.

Ping! is a very simple, yet very attractive messaging aplication, that uses Apple´s Push Notification infrastructure to deliver a SMS replacing solution. Effectively, Ping! is great for people wanting to text friends in other networks, or in other countries. It also alows easy sending of texts to multiple recipients. Ping! has all it takes to become hugely popular among iphone users.

If you want to pick it up, get it now while it´s free.

My biggest gripe with it, right now: like the majority of iphone apps, it does not work on wifi networks that are behing proxy servers - i hope this situation is adressed soon.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Looking for an iPhone IM app with group chat and push? Oneteam is the answer

BeejiveIM and IM+ are pretty cool multi-IM protocol iphone apps, both with push notifications support. But they have a great flaw - no support for group chat, meaning you can´t chat with 2 or more of your friends at same time.

Well, i´ve just tested an excelent option for people seeking for this kind of app: OneTeam. Better, it works on wifi networks behind proxy servers, something Beejive does not do (IM+ does). Also, the price is competitive (4,99 euros).

It´s also an multi-IM protocol client (yahoo, google, MSN, etc), but i prefered to create a oneteam jabber account just to have group chats with my iphone owning friends, and keep msn, etc, in Beejive. Group mode works through the creation of chatrooms, that can be protected with a password. Something cool, is that group chat also supports push notifications!

Friday, 18 September 2009

UCWEB - the only non-webkit based browser for iphone

Just 2 days ago, Opera Mini 5 beta was released, and the general consensus is that it improves an already awesome product. Among other features, what makes OM special it´s the speed, something that is result of it using a proxy server to compress web pages before sending it to the phone. This is specially useful for people with limited data plans (i´m one of them), because it uses much less data than "full" browsers (like safari), and for slow 3G or evem slower GPRS/EDGE connections.

I tested OM 5 and was left thinking how good it would be to have such an alternative to safari on the iPhone. Well, i remembered there is something - UCWEB, a browser that rivals OM on the java space, and uses the same kind of proxy technology. Better, it has an iPhone version (jailbreak required, of course), that i used on the OS 2.x days. Even better, it now has an OS 3.x compatible version.

Of course, the main limitation is obvious - it´s in chinese! Nevertheless, i can tell you it´s even easyier now to use it without understanding a bit of the language, because there´s now alot of self-explanatory icons.

To test it, add to your cydia sources, and start saving some data and gaining speed when not using Wifi or HSDPA connections.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

HeyWay Pro is out!

Following my last post, Apple decided to release HeyWay Pro!

I already tested it, and can say the new insert text note feature is awesome and works as expected.

HeyWay - Pro version coming soon to the Appstore

HeyWay was one of the first iPhone apps with push notifications enabled. Since then, it remained one of my favourite apps of all time, something impressive for a little free app.

HeyWay is a location service that lets you keep track of where friends, family and colleagues are. Send alerts with your current location to your followers, or send "Hey, Where Are You?" alerts requesting their location. All this using Push Notifications. It´s sweet.

Good news is that Niftybrick is bringing a premium version, that will add my #1 feature request: ability to add quick notes to the notifications! If the price is right, this is an instant buy for me!

Stay tuned!

(thanks to @mechanical_mind for the heads up)

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Google Fast Flip

Lately, Google and Apple are no getting along very well. However, that does not stop Google to keep presenting iPhone users with awesome webapps, and that way avoiding the stupid Appstore approval process.

After Latitude, Google now releases Fast Flip,"a new reading experience that combines the best elements of print and online articles. Like a print magazine, Fast Flip lets you browse sequentially through bundles of recent news, headlines and popular topics, as well as feeds from individual top publishers". The specially adapted iphone (and android) version has even tactile page flipping.

It´s just fantastic. Try it at

Friday, 11 September 2009

Real Football 2010 - online multiplayer is a go!

I expected this for so long. A football game for the iphone platform with online multiplayer! Not only that, it will support all the Gameloft Live service features, namely push notifications to hook up with friends, like we can already do in UNO!

More details about Gameloft´s Real Football here. Nevertheless, i have a feeling RS competition will folow - both FIFA 2010 and X2 Football should have online multiplayer by the end of the year.

Apple´s It´s only Rock & Roll - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Here´s my views on the latest Apple keynote:

The Good

Steve´s back!
iTunes 9 with slick new features, namely app organization, home sharing
OS 3.1 release
Apple´s commitment to the iPhone has a gaming platform
Apple´s considering iPhone/ipod touch has pocket computers

The Bad

OS 3.1 is a bit lame. iPhone UI needs some changes (proper notification system, live widgets, etc). It also bring more problems for jailbreak
iTunes 9 still slow on windows
Ringtones store
Not giving the 8gb iPod touch the new processor/RAM used on the

The Ugly

No camera on the new ipod touch - this is nuts, i think it will cost them alot of sales. Lot´s of angry people out the 3GS

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Gamelof does it again: Blades of Fury

3D platformer, check (Assassins Creed/Hero of Sparta), 3D Sandbox game, check (Gangstar), FPS, check (Modern Combat: Sandstorm), sports game, check (Real Soccer). Game genre after game genre, Gameloft has been proving nothing is impossible to be done right on the iPhone platform.

Yesterday, they delivered the first proper fighting game for the platform, Blades of Fury. Another very impressive console quality game, specially when we see how well it controls with touch input.

Monday, 7 September 2009

ngmoco renames their iphone FPS...again

Feeling the pressure made by Gameloft´s amazing Modern Combat:Sandstorm, ngmoco released new information regarding their upcoming online multiplayer FPS, now renamed to Eliminate, after being called LiveFire and Killtest. Will it be the last time?

Nevertheless, they did release some information that is actually very cool: users will earn credits based on how well they play in the game. Nice idea. Now release the game, please!

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Modern Combat: Sandstorm: FPSs do work on the iPhone

Not that i had any doubt. I´ve been playing iFPS Online for some months, and that game, after some control fixes, showed me FPS games can work better on the iPhone than on any current handeld console (ds or psp), even for multiplayer online.

However, it lacked popularity, and specially, graphical refinement and a solid single player campaign. Well...once again, Gameloft stepped in and showed what can be done with iPhone´s /iPod touch hardware, even the older models. Modern Combat: Sandstorm is the definitive proof FPS games work on the iPhone and an amazing portable gaming experience.´s not perfect, because it lacks online multiplayer. Lets hope they´ll add it soon, or else ngmoco might grab the place of definitive online shooter with Killtest.

iFooty World Plus updated - now with Push!

Sometime ago i took advantage of a sale to get iFooty World Plus, based on the promise it would get push notifications through an update. However, people were getting worried because this update was submitted to Apple in late June, and was not getting approved. Well, finally, the appstore monkeys have let the update go through.

iFooty World Plus is the best app available to follow football (the real one) news and games, and with push notifications available for following your favorite teams, it became perfect. It´s closest contestant is Goal!, however it lacks many features and seems way to basic when compared, and it´s even more expensive right now (1,59€ vs 0,79€).

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Word Ace - get it while it´s free!

Want something that combines classic word game and Texas Hold´Em, with superb online multiplayer, for FREE? Then grab Word Ace NOW.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Letmeknow: use push notifications to gather information

Find iPhone apps at AppStoreHQ

It may be obvious by now that one of my favourite iPhone OS 3.0 features are Push Notifications. It's something that when used properly can make apps/games become much more usefull - Beejive, UNO, Pushmail, are great examples.

Letmeknow is an information tool. It alows getting updates from websites, weather, youtube, etc, but my favourite source are RSS feeds. Unlike a similar app available on the AppStore (rsspush), Letmeknow actually shows text from rss articles on the notification (this is a must).

Will the real GTA please stand up? Hell yeah!

Last week i mentioned Gameloft´s Gangstar, the closest thing to a GTA game on the iphone platform.

Well, Rockstar must have felt defied by Gameloft, because they now decided to bring their super popular IP to the iphone platform, namely the highly praised DS title GTA - Chinatown Wars. True, it´s not full 3D like Gangstar (it´s 2,5d) or any of the home console titles, but still this is huge news for iphone gamers.

The release should happen during this Fall.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

WunderRadio - run radio on background on non-jb iphones

Today i noticed last version of iPhone app WunderRadio now allows running radio streams on background, on non-jailbroken iPhones!

Sometime ago, it was discovered that while being one of few apps authorized to run in background, Safari was also able to maintain streaming media playing while other apps are being executed. Sadly, this does not happen with gps logging, and that's why Google Latitude webapp is severly handicaped.

Well, WunderRadio devs cleverly took advantage of the said fact, integrating this feature in a very elegant way:

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Facebook just got more awesome

The much awaited 3.0 update for the facebook iPhone app has just been released! My veredict? You'll never use facebook has much has you will from now on! It's that good. Only real thing missing: push notifications.

Get it

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Apple, wtf?

The way Apple is shooting their own feet regarding the AppStore questions is getting ridiculous. Forcing developers to remove usefull features they approved before? Not nice.


N900 - Nokia finally ups the game

Bought a N97 thinking you were getting Nokia´s flagship smartphone? Think again, because the finish giant is releasing its true top of the line handset in October, a mere 2 months after launching the N97.

To be honest, if you thought the N97 was all that, you: did not research properly; too much of a Nokia fanboy. Right now, i´m sorry, you look silly. The N900 puts Nokia finally on par with the iPhone 3GS, Palm Pre, Samsung i8910 and SE Satio in terms of hardware platform:ARM Cortex-A8 600 MHz processor with 256MB of RAM, unlike the clearly underpowered n97. Plus they ditch the HORRIBLE s60 v5 symbian touch UI, using the much more attractive MAEMO 5.

What´s not so hot about it? Well, no capacitive screen and multitouch is enough for me not wanting it. Frankly, right now this should be in any smartphone. Also, it seems way to bulky, but i understand it can be ok for some people, this is a tablet/phone hybrid after all.

More details about the N900 here.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

UNO - now with Gameloft Live/Push Notifications

I always liked UNO, but have been on the fence regarding buying the iPhone version due to lack of better multiplayer features. Mind you, UNO was one of the first iPhone games to support live online multiplayer. However, setting up games with friends was not easy.

Well, taking advantage of OS 3.0 features, namely push notifications, Gameloft updated UNO, adding suport for their xbox live type community service, Gameloft Live. Setting up games with one or more friends is now VERY easy, so i decided and bought the game. It´s a must right now.

However, there are some things that i´d like to be added in a future update: improvements to the notification system, and most of all, voice chat.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Rally Master Pro: finally some rally action coming to the Appstore

There are plenty of racing games on the Appstore, some with really great quality like NFSU and Real Racing, however so far there is no rally specific title.

Fishlabs will solve this problem by releasing Rally Master Pro, a port from their java 3d title. Has you can see on the video above, this is no lazy port, because the game seems to be using all the power available on the iphone platform.

Monday, 24 August 2009

An iPhone GPS turn by turn app for the recession

Regarding turn by turn gps apps, we went from 8 to 80 in the in the iPhone scene: from a period when there was nothing, thanks to Apple´s stupid SDK restrictions, we now reached a situation with several options available: Navigon, Sygic, iGo, Co-Pilot, and TomTom. And there are more in the pipe, like the solution made by portuguese company Ndrive.

Problem is, apps like this are not cheap, ranging between 50 and 100 euros. Also, there not seems to be a clearly superior option. All have their strengths and weaknesses, although people seem to consider TomTom and Navigon the better alternatives. If you´re still ready to spend serious cash in an iPhone GPS app, i advise you to take a look at this iPhone Navigation App Comparison Chart.

However, most of us will consider strongly to spend such high ammount of money in an iPhone app, reaching levels similar to standalone GPS apps. Well, for the economically conscious, there´s an app for that too, it´s called Roadee.

Roadee it´s a GPS turn by turn app, with voice navigation, that costs a mere 1,59€! Why? Well, problem with these GPS solutions is that normally maps licensing costs ALOT. Roadee uses OpenStreetmap data (user generated, wikipedia like), and so it´s possible to be this cheap.

Of course Roadee is no TomTom, but for this price, there´s really not much to complain about. Still, take another look at the comparison chart, and make your decision.

Friday, 21 August 2009

iPhone becomes iHero (III) - rss and more

This seems to be a very popular subject right now, so i feel i should make you guys aware of my progress.

The version you see above contains the folowing changes:

  • FiveiconDock (get it on cydia)
  • New dock, phone, mail and messages icons from bluemetal. Also edited two of his icons for "O" (ipod) and "+" (stacks v3)
  • Wallpaper and clock digits from Calix
  • iTicker rss widget
  • "More..." and "Alarm" icons are also from bluemetal, and open and
  • Added a blank icon named NetNewsWire just over iTicker widget, so that when i press it i can read the full rss info
  • Also installed BlankNull (to avoid problems with blank icons) and NoPageDots (to remove page dots) from Cydia
Ok, i figure it´s best for me to provide the all package of changes. Here it is.

If anyone figures a way to change background for spotlight, please tell me.

iPhone becomes iHero - part 1
iPhone becomes iHero - part 2

Gangstar - a 3D GTA on a phone

It´s stuff like this that makes us pay attention to tech evolution. Only 4/5 years ago, who would have guessed a fully featured GTA III clone would be played, and in a good way, in a phone?

Having played it already, all i can say to you guys is that although this is not an amazing creative achievement like Spider, it´s also a landmark for iPhone gaming. Go and grab it, give Gameloft the support they deserve for delivering such great experiences on the iPhone platform (and more is coming).

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Push alerts for gmail on iPhone what to choose

One of the big complaints people have about the iphone, is the lack of push support for Gmail accounts. With the advent of OS 3.0, and push notifications, several solutions appeared, namele Gpush, Pushmail and Prowl.

I have tested all of them, i can tell you this: right now, avoid Gpush - it´s completely unreliable, and only supports one account, despite being the cheapest alternative.

Now to the good options:

Prowl is a superb application, that however needs alot of work to setup (pc/mac client + gmail pluggin). It also requires you have your Pc/Mac always running. Nevertheless, it has endless possibilities, far behind gmail push.

Pushmail is my favorite. It does not store any user information, alows support of multiple accounts (not just gmail), it is SUPER reliable and fast. However, you need to set up mail forwarding to your personal pushmail account for it to work.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

iPhone becomes iHero (II) - now with Stacks!

As a followup to my previous post regarding the awesome Sense UI inspired winterboard theme, i thought i should tell you guys i managed to incorporate the also awesome Stacks 3.0 (currently in alpha testing) into it.

To do it, i changed the icons inside Library/Mobilestack (stack_drawer_button_single.png
and stack_drawer_button.png). Now "+" opens the stack, "-" closes it, has seen above. Really cool.

ComicZeal updated

The best iPhone comics reader, ComicZeal, has been updated. See image above for the changelog.

If you have interest on comics, this app is highly recommended. It makes reading comics on the iPhone a joy, with a superb interface and great speed.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

iPhone becomes iHERO

Lately, HTC Hero´s Sense UI, has been generating alot of buzz.

If you want to get a taste of the Sense UI beautifull looks on your iPhone, there´s now a winterboard theme for that. Folow the instructions provided here.

BeejiveIM 3.0.2 is out - alows 7 days of push connection!

My favourite IM app has just been updated. You can see the changelog on picture above - among several enhancements, session timeout has been extended to 7 days! That´s right, now you can be always online, via push notifications, for an entire week.

Not only that, i just notice one of the few problems i had with it has been solved: now Beejive works even on networks protected by proxy servers, like the one i have at work.

Monday, 17 August 2009

How to: adding push notifications to skype for iPhone

Last June, Skype released their 1.1 update for the official iPhone app, but instead of making users happy, they only brought them rage for missing the single most important wanted feature: push notifications.

Anyway, they promised that push is coming, alowing their iphone app to actually be usefull. Problem is, no one knows when.

Well, don´t fear, there is now a solution that really works, unlike the poor job made by multi-IM apps like Fring, IM+ or Nimbuzz (connection time is too much limited to be usefull).

First, you need to grab the awesome Prowl from the appstore. This fantastic app alows forwarding notifications generated by Growl (windows or mac), to the iphone

Second, install SkypeToGrowl on a PC (windows) that you have on all the time (my work PC is), and presto, you have proper skype notifications!

Edit: here´s the solution for Mac

Spider: the Secret The Secret of Bryce Manor

Hundreds of games are published on iPhone appstore every month. Most are complete crap. However, from time to time, something appears that really shows why the iPhone platform is becoming a serious player on the gaming world.

Spider: the Secret The Secret of Bryce Manor is one of these games. See it by yourself. Highly recomended.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Iphone 3G camera - not so bad...

Originally uploaded by antonioj07 just need to know how to use it :)

Monday, 23 March 2009

My impressions about Iphone 3.0

It was about two hours of geekfest over the interwebs. Apple has finally put the iphone on part with normal phones in stuff like mms, bluetooth, copy+paste, etc.

What to say? Well, they did not underwhelm, for once. I am moderately pleased with what i saw, but will still need jailbreak to make the iphone reach its full potential.

Positive stuff: MMS, a2dp, copy+paste, landscape keyboard for all apps, Spotlight, peripherals support via bt and dock, new APIs for devs, notes sync, push notifications

Negative: no background processes (even if limited), no to-do app, no today-screen on LockScreen, no new system to handle notifications (similar to android or palm pre), no themes support, no video recording

Mind you, almost all the negatives can be surpassed with jailbreaking. That´s why i will still do it.

note: also featured at uiqblog

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Back to UIQblog

UIQblog has changed. UIQ´s death required us to move on, and so did our recent mobile choices.

You can find my new post here.

Let´s start this

What i will do. Mainly write about my passion: smartphones, and mobile stuff in general, together with maybe some other related tech.

Brands. I was untill recently a Sony Ericsson fanboy. After they killed UIQ in a shamefull way i become seriously upset with them. Waiting to see how the Symbian Foundation stuff works now.

That said, i was also a HUGE symbian UIQ fan. So sad it is over. Loved the P1i, loved the P990 a bit less...but i loved the 3 years i used those devices. You can find more about my experiences at

Before that, i had a t610, a k700 and a k750, all from SE. All GREAT devices. Nowadays, SE only makes gazilions of cloned dumbphones and windows mobile crap (yeah, don´t heart the x1).

That brings us to the iphone, my current addiction. So flawed, so amazing. Jailbreak it, or leave it. Bring on 3.0. Today.

(to be continued)