Friday, 21 August 2009

iPhone becomes iHero (III) - rss and more

This seems to be a very popular subject right now, so i feel i should make you guys aware of my progress.

The version you see above contains the folowing changes:

  • FiveiconDock (get it on cydia)
  • New dock, phone, mail and messages icons from bluemetal. Also edited two of his icons for "O" (ipod) and "+" (stacks v3)
  • Wallpaper and clock digits from Calix
  • iTicker rss widget
  • "More..." and "Alarm" icons are also from bluemetal, and open and
  • Added a blank icon named NetNewsWire just over iTicker widget, so that when i press it i can read the full rss info
  • Also installed BlankNull (to avoid problems with blank icons) and NoPageDots (to remove page dots) from Cydia
Ok, i figure it´s best for me to provide the all package of changes. Here it is.

If anyone figures a way to change background for spotlight, please tell me.

iPhone becomes iHero - part 1
iPhone becomes iHero - part 2


  1. Fantástico.

    Só falta mesmo colocares a config do iThicker, principalmente a posição dele.

  2. Chegaste a descobrir como alterar o fundo do spotlight?

    E a prometida configuração da posição do iticker? ;)