Monday, 17 August 2009

How to: adding push notifications to skype for iPhone

Last June, Skype released their 1.1 update for the official iPhone app, but instead of making users happy, they only brought them rage for missing the single most important wanted feature: push notifications.

Anyway, they promised that push is coming, alowing their iphone app to actually be usefull. Problem is, no one knows when.

Well, don´t fear, there is now a solution that really works, unlike the poor job made by multi-IM apps like Fring, IM+ or Nimbuzz (connection time is too much limited to be usefull).

First, you need to grab the awesome Prowl from the appstore. This fantastic app alows forwarding notifications generated by Growl (windows or mac), to the iphone

Second, install SkypeToGrowl on a PC (windows) that you have on all the time (my work PC is), and presto, you have proper skype notifications!

Edit: here´s the solution for Mac

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