Monday, 23 March 2009

My impressions about Iphone 3.0

It was about two hours of geekfest over the interwebs. Apple has finally put the iphone on part with normal phones in stuff like mms, bluetooth, copy+paste, etc.

What to say? Well, they did not underwhelm, for once. I am moderately pleased with what i saw, but will still need jailbreak to make the iphone reach its full potential.

Positive stuff: MMS, a2dp, copy+paste, landscape keyboard for all apps, Spotlight, peripherals support via bt and dock, new APIs for devs, notes sync, push notifications

Negative: no background processes (even if limited), no to-do app, no today-screen on LockScreen, no new system to handle notifications (similar to android or palm pre), no themes support, no video recording

Mind you, almost all the negatives can be surpassed with jailbreaking. That´s why i will still do it.

note: also featured at uiqblog

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Back to UIQblog

UIQblog has changed. UIQ´s death required us to move on, and so did our recent mobile choices.

You can find my new post here.

Let´s start this

What i will do. Mainly write about my passion: smartphones, and mobile stuff in general, together with maybe some other related tech.

Brands. I was untill recently a Sony Ericsson fanboy. After they killed UIQ in a shamefull way i become seriously upset with them. Waiting to see how the Symbian Foundation stuff works now.

That said, i was also a HUGE symbian UIQ fan. So sad it is over. Loved the P1i, loved the P990 a bit less...but i loved the 3 years i used those devices. You can find more about my experiences at

Before that, i had a t610, a k700 and a k750, all from SE. All GREAT devices. Nowadays, SE only makes gazilions of cloned dumbphones and windows mobile crap (yeah, don´t heart the x1).

That brings us to the iphone, my current addiction. So flawed, so amazing. Jailbreak it, or leave it. Bring on 3.0. Today.

(to be continued)