Saturday, 21 January 2012

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From sunrise... sunset.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Siri ports - a new free solution

@freemanrepo released tonight a public beta of his Siri proxy server. Here are the instructions:

Get Siri Connection now:

1. Go to cydia install "Spire"

2. go to Safari (From iDevice) install this certificate

3. go to Settings--->Spire---> Proxy host: ""

4. Settings-->General--->Off Siri--->On Siri

5. Run Siri

6. Enjoy

7. Please if you found this was useful, please donate to me if you respect my work...'


He also published this fix for people that still can't connect. In my case, it's working flawlessly. Mind you, he ended the night saying "server is full", and that he will get another server tomorrow.

Now, he his using servers on trial (5 days left on the first), so he will need donations to actually buy them and keep this going. However, donations are on halt until he validates his PayPal account.

People with access to iPhone 4S's that want to help him keep this going should look at this guide. there's some interesting stuff in this server, if the we believe in his creator words: it will support plugins (like the one for twitter that should be on tomorrow); it has a script that recovers server from crashes automatically; it can't be blocked by Apple.

I end up returning to my last advice is stay away from payed shady private servers, there is a lot of schemes going on. However, with stuff like or the one from tonight, were the server is free and public and people donate to keep it alive, I have no problems.

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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Siri ports: the commercial options

Sunday i told you guys about the best free solution available to get Siri working on your iphone4/3GS/etc,

Now, it is indeed a great solution to test Siri, and it kinda works everyday...but, if you want something that: 1 - is always working or most of the time; protects the privacy of your data; 3 - doesn't calls you other guys name now and then, you have to look elsewhere, and pay.

So, I did say finding a reliable vendor of this kind of service is not easy, so I'm now testing the one I thought seems to offer the best service.It's #happySiri by @iPh0ne_, and I will post my impressions tomorrow.

Mind you, he asks for a single payment of 20$ (sometimes there are promotions too), and not a monthly payment like others.

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Saturday, 7 January 2012

The definitive guide to run Siri on your iphone4/3GS. NOW!

If you search "Siri ports" on twitter, you'll find lots of guys asking money to allow people to connect to their proxy servers.

Problem is, is hard to see which of those people are reliable.There is however one server that has been consistently working for the last week or so, the one from It's not 24 to 24, but it's sufficient for iphone4/3GS owners to experience Siri, for FREE.Here are the instructions*:
1. Delete any Siri files that were installed before.
2. Install Spire in Cydia.
3. After installation reboot your iPhone.
4. Open "Settings" in iPhone and scroll down to "Spire", in the "Proxy Host" type:
5. Replace /etc/hosts file in iPhone with this file
6. Open Safari in iPhone and install certificate:
7. That's it, reboot your phone and don't forget to enable Siri in Settings - General
8. Now, this is my own addition - to really make this work use my modded, that should be saved in the var/mobile/Library/Preferences folder (overwrite the existent file)
Don't give up if it doesn't start right away, normally it requires some trying before working, and there are also periods when is down. But now, it's ON has you can see on the screenshot I made moments ago.
Edit: for people that don't see it working right away, this is own advice: "u need some time to get key! Try click siri button every 1-10 minuets... And soon your Siri says to you". I had to do it.
Also, if you can SUPPORT SIRIPORT.RU, although there is the problem ATM that they don't support PayPal. Anyway, they deserve immense respect for providing this for free to anyone.
* thanks to @AlexQuattro aka Alegz for instructions 1 to 7
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