Thursday, 20 August 2009

Push alerts for gmail on iPhone what to choose

One of the big complaints people have about the iphone, is the lack of push support for Gmail accounts. With the advent of OS 3.0, and push notifications, several solutions appeared, namele Gpush, Pushmail and Prowl.

I have tested all of them, i can tell you this: right now, avoid Gpush - it´s completely unreliable, and only supports one account, despite being the cheapest alternative.

Now to the good options:

Prowl is a superb application, that however needs alot of work to setup (pc/mac client + gmail pluggin). It also requires you have your Pc/Mac always running. Nevertheless, it has endless possibilities, far behind gmail push.

Pushmail is my favorite. It does not store any user information, alows support of multiple accounts (not just gmail), it is SUPER reliable and fast. However, you need to set up mail forwarding to your personal pushmail account for it to work.

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