Friday, 30 July 2010

Notified finally available on Cydia

With the apparent death of GriP/iNotifyEx projects, Notified turned into the biggest hope to get a proper notification system on iOS. Now, after an AppStore style painfull 3 weeks period of submission process to Cydia Store, the free version has landed on Cydia!

And it's pretty much what to expect from a basic level service, with the bonus of having Activator support (I assigned it to swipe down from statusbar). SMS, Push Notifications, Calendar, Battery, Voicemail and Memory alerts are supported. You can also choose what app to trigger by clicking on each notification.

However, it's not enough for me, because it's lacking some important features:

  1. Themes
  2. Email and calls support, and maybe also available updates from
  3. Popup blocker
  4. Popup replacement
  5. Swipe down to open, up to close, exactly like Android "drawer" notification pane.
  6. Quickreply (at least) for sms

So, it's the pro version that I really want, cause it adresses most of those problems immediately, and also brings pluggin support, that according to the @notifiedapp team will permit popup blocking AND replacement, and, and this is HUGE, the team is currently working on a WebOS style pluggin (WebOS notifications are even better than Android's). That said, I hope they also add the drawer effect and quickreply I mentioned last.

More details at and @notifiedapp.

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  1. Excelente... Vamos lá ver quantos anos vamos ter que esperar até que a Apple se mexa.
    (Embora, com a velocidade que o Android tem tido, espero que já tenham tomado consciência de que já não se podem dar a esses luxos de ficar a dar seca aos clientes!)