Monday, 24 August 2009

An iPhone GPS turn by turn app for the recession

Regarding turn by turn gps apps, we went from 8 to 80 in the in the iPhone scene: from a period when there was nothing, thanks to Apple´s stupid SDK restrictions, we now reached a situation with several options available: Navigon, Sygic, iGo, Co-Pilot, and TomTom. And there are more in the pipe, like the solution made by portuguese company Ndrive.

Problem is, apps like this are not cheap, ranging between 50 and 100 euros. Also, there not seems to be a clearly superior option. All have their strengths and weaknesses, although people seem to consider TomTom and Navigon the better alternatives. If you´re still ready to spend serious cash in an iPhone GPS app, i advise you to take a look at this iPhone Navigation App Comparison Chart.

However, most of us will consider strongly to spend such high ammount of money in an iPhone app, reaching levels similar to standalone GPS apps. Well, for the economically conscious, there´s an app for that too, it´s called Roadee.

Roadee it´s a GPS turn by turn app, with voice navigation, that costs a mere 1,59€! Why? Well, problem with these GPS solutions is that normally maps licensing costs ALOT. Roadee uses OpenStreetmap data (user generated, wikipedia like), and so it´s possible to be this cheap.

Of course Roadee is no TomTom, but for this price, there´s really not much to complain about. Still, take another look at the comparison chart, and make your decision.

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