Monday, 16 August 2010

Statusbar Notifications for @notifiedapp

The team from @notifiedapp has just released the second notification extension for Notified. The first, if you missed it, was called Notification Bar, and looks very close to GriP's normal notifications, but fixed at the bottom (see above, first GriP´s normal notifications, then Notified´s notification bar).

Not bad, but still an intrusive solution. I was hoping for something akin Double Height Statusbar for GriP

Has you can see, however, it's not double height, but normal statusbar, very close to what is done in rss Reeder app.

I'd prefer the double height bar, but this is still sweet. Proper notifications for iPhone, Yay!

What is still missing from Notified, IMO:

  1. Double Height Statusbar extension (still think is the best solution, and the Notified team has got the code of GriP´s from @gauravk92 )
  2. All notification extensions should work on landscape
  3. Choosing extensions from inside Notified settings, and being able to choose what extension is used for each application
  4. Being able to block notifications (via statusbar or bar) in lockscreen
  5. Being able to make notifications appear for just a few seconds
  6. Stacking of notifications
  7. Make notification pane appear gradually like with Qtwitter, or Android´s (really following your finger)
  8. Group notifications by application, if you want (now is by time)
  9. Email notifications (coming on 1.4)
  10. Notifications for appstore updates, iPod music playing, calls, etc
  11. Release extension SDK for external developers
  12. The "!" statusbar icon should be folowed by number of unread notifications
  13. Whenever iOS flags a notifications has "read", they should be automaticaly removed from Notified´s log