Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Let´s start this

What i will do. Mainly write about my passion: smartphones, and mobile stuff in general, together with maybe some other related tech.

Brands. I was untill recently a Sony Ericsson fanboy. After they killed UIQ in a shamefull way i become seriously upset with them. Waiting to see how the Symbian Foundation stuff works now.

That said, i was also a HUGE symbian UIQ fan. So sad it is over. Loved the P1i, loved the P990 a bit less...but i loved the 3 years i used those devices. You can find more about my experiences at http://uiqblog.com

Before that, i had a t610, a k700 and a k750, all from SE. All GREAT devices. Nowadays, SE only makes gazilions of cloned dumbphones and windows mobile crap (yeah, don´t heart the x1).

That brings us to the iphone, my current addiction. So flawed, so amazing. Jailbreak it, or leave it. Bring on 3.0. Today.

(to be continued)

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