Saturday, 31 October 2009

The Rebirth...

...happens Tuesday.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

iNotifyEx - how it will work

KennyTM is now constantly updating the iNotifyEx design notes page. See above the scheme he made about how it will work.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

iNotifyEx - GriP replacement coming! Notification system for iPhone!

Just two days after i lamented the lack of development on GriP (Growl for iPhone), KennyTM made a quick edit to his project page, that refers to iNotifyEx, the new project that will replace GriP and make our dreams of a proper global notification system for iphone to come true.

Here are some details:

As a redesign, iNotifyEx shall have characteristics of following APIs:
* Growl-like notifications
* Android-like notifications
* Some GriP-specific addition
* Some iNotifyEx-specific addition

More information here. Notice the reference to android notifications (yay!).

Monday, 26 October 2009

One step closer to a proper notification system for iPhone OS

With the advent of push notification apps, it become pretty obvious that the iPhone OS notification system SUCKS. Comparing it with the way Android and WebOS elegantly handle notifications, make the iPhone look poor. I mean, obtrusive popups in the middle of the screen? Sounds? Badges?

That´s why GriP (Growl for iPhone) is easily one of my three must have jailbreak apps (the others being SBSettings and Backgrounder/Kirikae). Even on it´s current beta state, its so much better than the normal system.

It gives users much more control over the way information from SMS, email and push notifications is displayed, in a non-obtrusive way. When receiving push notifications, you are able to see all of the messages sent to you, and not just the last one.

The more recent Double Height Statusbar theme, seen above (made by the author of the SMS GriP extension, GauraVK92) , added another type of notification alert, that is similar to what can be seen on the latest versions of the iPhone Facebook app.

However, GriP also introduced a resource that if implemented correctly would bring it closer to the awesome Android notification pane, the Message Log. Problem is, this log is normally buried in, something that made its usage a nightmare.

Well, despite the 2 month hiatus seen on project development (c´mon KennyTM, speak to the fans!), the community came to the rescue, namely tom.blum85, that figured a way to creat a SBSettings toggle to quickly access GriP´s message log!
I can tell you, after some days of usage, this is AWESOME. At any given moment, i can now have a clear image of all the SMS, Emails and various Push Notifications apps outputs received in a period. All without missing a single message, without having to flick through pages of apps to find badges, and without having to open every single app to find out what´s new.

Like i said, it´s unfortunate that a project with such huge potential has been apparently suspended by it´s developer. Surely people would give the necessary support, finantial or otherwise, if he asked for it. Also, the delay in releasing GriP officially on Cydia is a shame, because so many people are unaware of such a great jailbreak application. So i ask you, please RT and share this information. Spread the word :)

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Soon on the Appstore: Star Wars fanboy wetdream come true

Looks like we will finally have a proper Start Wars game on the iPhone.

The Hoff conquers the iPhone Appstore

Oh happy days! Living legend and Demi-God The Hoff has decided to grace iPhone and iPod touch users with his own oracle app.

Get The HasselApp, and say goodbye to all your doubts and fears.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Warfare Inc - now with online multiplayer!

The first great RTS game for the iphone platform has finally received the promised online multiplayer update! And that´s not all, it allows chat during, and before games.

Get it here.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Concept: Coverflow multitasking for iPhone

Face it. Sooner or later, Apple will add multitasking for third party apps to the iPhone, even if in a very controlled way. The 3GS has more than enough RAM for it, so i think come iPhone OS 4.0 we will finally see something.

Problem is, how will Apple implement it? Well, look at at concept showed above. It´s pretty much what i want.

Granted, like it´s said on youtube comments, there´s already an app called Kirikae for jb iphones, that allows multitasking/task switching (together with backgrounder), although without this awesome interface. So, can the jb devs implement this (yet again) before Apple?

Adobe Photoshop for iPhone

You know, sometimes it can be very tricky to get photos with good exposure with iPhone, be it the 3G or the 3GS, specially in extreme light conditions.

Wouldn´t it be nice to have photoshop in the palm of your hand for quick fixing those not so perfect images? Well, that is now a reallity, because Adobe just released a dedicated iphone app.

Problem is, it is an US exclusive. Nevertheless, you can easily create an US itunes account for these situations.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Letmeknow update available

Letmeknow, one of the best push notification apps available for the iphone, has been updated to version 2.1. Lot´s of new features, as you can see from the changelog above.