Friday, 9 April 2010

Habemus iPhone OS 4.0

Has promised, i installed the beta 1 of iPhone OS 4.0 and will be sharing my views on the new features during the 2 months of beta testing that will precede the release for the general public.

First reaction is very positive - the new wallpaper is great to show the new ability of setting a background for Springboard.

What can i say about yesterday´s presentation? I´m very happy with some changes (multitasking, internal notifications, improvements, gamecenter - i called this one in my predictions, folders), but i´m VERY angry with Apple for not doing anything regarding what i think is the main problem on iPhone OS - the POOR way that notifications are handled! I mean, we´re in 2010, the competition have shown how to do it in a usefull, non-obtrusive way, and we have to put up with the stupid popups in the middle of the screen...really Apple? Funny thing is that we will have even more types of notifications to deal with, making the problem even bigger. Thank God for jailbreak!

The other two BIG letdowns are the way the Lockscreen remains the same, very far from what can be done, and the absence of ways to quickly access most used settings (think sbsettings). It´s very clear that jailbreaking will remain a must for iPhone users, unless you´re a soccer mum.


  1. Notifications definitely need an overhaul. Just think you can even cause a "denial of service attack" by continuously sending push notification to an iPhone, and the user won't be able to do nothing about it!

  2. that i lost my jb, it´s painfully obvious