Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Siri ports: the commercial options

Sunday i told you guys about the best free solution available to get Siri working on your iphone4/3GS/etc, Siriport.ru.

Now, it is indeed a great solution to test Siri, and it kinda works everyday...but, if you want something that: 1 - is always working or most of the time; protects the privacy of your data; 3 - doesn't calls you other guys name now and then, you have to look elsewhere, and pay.

So, I did say finding a reliable vendor of this kind of service is not easy, so I'm now testing the one I thought seems to offer the best service.It's #happySiri by @iPh0ne_, and I will post my impressions tomorrow.

Mind you, he asks for a single payment of 20$ (sometimes there are promotions too), and not a monthly payment like others.

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