Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Mobilenotifier - another attempt at fixing iOS notifications

"One of these isn´t very good..."

After a search for iOS5 related stuff on twitter, i came across @peterhajas project mobilenotifier. Like GriP, Notified and Lockinfo, it aims at fixing iOS main problem right now, the awfull notification system. At peter´s website, we have access to an youtube video and a presentation in pdf where he details his project. I found the image above specially significative, but the whole presentation explains even better what´s wrong with iOS notifications.

There seems to be a beta available, but still not in deb format. However, there´s a beta repo coming, so it will be easy to install. Here´s a screenshot.

Very similar to GriP, and Notifiedapp´s notifiedGriP plugin. He also talks about a notification pane, so it´s much like notified´s and lockinfo´s.

What can i say, more is better, there´s not perfect solution right now, and this has the advantage of being open source. However, i hope all this solutions get better quickly, because i have a feeling they don´t have much more time to be relevant - i have a feeling iOS 5 will be all about notifications.

p.s: lockinfo 3.0 is also looking wicked

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