Tuesday, 23 March 2010

UCWEB for iPhone now in English - why wait for Opera?

One of today´s big news is that Opera has submited their Opera Mini browser to the iPhone Appstore. However, there is alot of doubt about Apple letting this go. Will iPhone users be forever limited to Safari and it´s clones has browsing options? Not really, because yesterday something was released on Cydia that pretty much does the same has Opera Mini, the UCWEB browser!

Some of you might remember me mentioning UCWEB has the only non-webkit based browser for iPhone, back in September. Problem was, it had several limitations, namely being totally in chinese, and suffering from the Great Firewall of China censorship.

Well, this new version is perfectly translated to english, and it´s proxy based compression seems not to be affected by any chinese censorship. Choose the zoom mode, and you have a full alternative to Safari, much faster and much less data intensive, perfect for people with limited data plans and/or situations with slow data connections (gprs/edge)

To install it, please add http://wap.uc.cn/en to your Cydia repos.

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