Thursday, 28 January 2010

Why the iPad will be an huge success

My opinion regarding Apple´s latest tech wonder has been changing almost by the minute. But i now reached a conclusion.

The iPad has lot´s of flaws, some in hardware (lack of camera for skype calls), some in software (lack of multitasking, etc - but have to wait for OS 4.0). It´s not what geeks wanted.

However, i would totally love to have one, specially because it will surely be hacked, and this will satisfy my geeky needs. But forget me and all the other geeks - what will make it succeed is the common people.

Last Christmas, me and my brother were considering offering a netbook to my parents, so that they can some web experience, to see their granchild´s photos, news, cooking recipes, etc. We gave up, because we reached the obvious conclusion that they wouldn´t be able to adapt to a full computer experience.

Now, imagine the iPad in the hands of people like my parents, that normally struggle with computer stuff. Or people that although being more tech savy, don´t really want a laptop besides their desktop pc. Huge.

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